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I'm probably the only dedicated Cyber Formula collector on RS at this point, but hey, makes me feel special. ^_~ My favorite characters are Franz Heinel and Jackie Gudelhian, so you'll see a higher representation by them in here, but I like most of the characters, so I'm not too picky. ^_^

 Cyber Formula - Franz Heinel

 Cyber Formula - Jackie Gudelhian

 Cyber Formula - Edelhi Bootsvorz

 Cyber Formula - Bleed Kaga

 Cyber Formula - Karl Lichter von Randoll

 Cyber Formula - Kazami Hayato

 Cyber Formula - Bleed Kaga & Claire Fortlan

 Cyber Formula - Knight Schumacher

 Cyber Formula - Karl Lichter von Randoll

 Cyber Formula - Jackie Gudelhian and Pitalia Lope

 Cyber Formula - Shinjyo and Miki

 Cyber Formula - Kazami Hayato
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Curator: anruiukimi
Gallery Created: 7/10/2002
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